Savys-Tytan Launches Tytan3.0, to Empower the Hospitality Industry

Savys-Tytan Launches Tytan3.0, to Empower the Hospitality Industry

In other industries, AI has been used to improve customer experience and expand into new markets. However, businesses in the hospitality industry have yet to adopt AI to influence and power their business processes.

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world. It’s also one of the most competitive, with companies fighting for every customer and trying to differentiate themselves from the competition. The hospitality industry has been around for decades, but it’s only recently that it has started to see significant technological growth and innovation. The world of the hospitality business is changing, and Savys-Tytan is on the front lines. The company has launched an AI solution that helps hospitality workers optimize their operations.

Savys-Tytan, a cloud-based software platform built to power hospitality companies across the world, announced recently that it has launched Tytan3.0, a suite of AI solutions specifically built for hospitality services. The company’s new AI solution gives hospitality service businesses the tools they need to run and grow their business, manage their back office, and provide a stellar customer experience. By bringing AI to an industry historically underserved by technology, Savys-Tytan is equipping hospitality workers with the technology they need to gain a competitive advantage and keep the world running.

Cofounded by Zarah Desy and Vanko Kan in 2015, Savys-Tytan has been serving the needs of hospitality workers and helping them get more from their services by improving efficiency. In 2017, the company launched its cloud-based platform that helps leading hospitality service businesses generate more leads, automate sales, and close more sales. The hospitality service startup currently serves and is trusted by over 2000 hospitality services companies. Savys-Tytan is backed by world-class investors including Beeri Ventures, QUINT Development, and Insider Ventures. With its new AI solutions, the company hopes to help its customers take advantage of modern technological advancements.

AI for Hospitality Workers

Tytan3.0, as described by Savys-Tytan, is simply AI for hospitality. Providing hospitality service providers with actionable insights and recommendations made possible by AI, Vanko Kan, cofounder and president of Savys-Tytan, explained in an email that this new suite of AI solutions enables them to optimize, automate, predict, and innovate across every aspect of their business by harnessing the power of data.

He also wrote that Tytan3.0 is natively integrated into Savys-Tytan and will provide hospitality-specific AI capabilities across its entire suite of new data products and enhancements. By providing intelligence and insights and educational content products on data, analysis, and analytic literacy, Tytan3.0 will be fully transformed into robust artificial intelligence solutions that help hospitality businesses perform at their highest level and empower them to reach the success they deserve.

“Tytan3.0 is bringing the power of data and AI to the hospitality industry on a scale that has never been seen before. This industry will no longer have to wait years, or even decades, to take advantage of modern technological innovations. The launch of Tytan3.0 represents a giant leap forward for the hospitality companies and another example of Savys-Tytan’s commitment to providing these companies with access to the best technology to fuel their business,” said Vanko.

Savys-Tytan CTO Burni Andry has experience creating large-scale AI solutions. She was most recently Senior Vice President of Engineering for Discovery AI and also led engineering at Kupon. With Burni’s experience, the company says it aims to stay ahead of its competitors including Stuper, Sulesta, Huz Pro, and FileGe.

Zarah Desy, cofounder and CEO of Savys-Tytan detailed the idea behind this innovation in an interview. “The hospitality industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation, and we want to equip our customers with the hospitality-specific tools and valuable data-driven insights they need to meet this critical moment head-on. We believe that all hospitality workers deserve not only the best but also the most innovative technology available to power their businesses that comfort our lives,” said Zarah.

New era, new features

With the belief that AI is the future of how business gets done, the company says that the launch of Tytan3.0 marks a new era in the company’s evolution, as it continues to innovate and transform the hospitality industry.

Several new Savys-Tytan product updates and features powered by Tytan3.0 were announced at the launch. Among these features is Smart Tan (Beta), which uses machine learning to analyze service data and help assign hospitality workers to customers based on factors including departments, skills, and performance to help maximize revenue while saving time. Another is the Price Tan feature which can let hospitality companies see regional average pricing, allowing them to price their services competitively based on those costs. In addition, there is the Marketing Tan feature which lets hospitality service marketers lower the cost per lead while maximizing ROI.

Trends in analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are changing how businesses operate and impacting the hospitality industry. The company says that Savys-Tytan customers will be able to automate repetitive and simple tasks, improve customer experience, predict outcomes, lower costs, and stay competitive in a data-driven world thanks to Tytan3.0.

This solution will provide over 2,000 hospitality companies using Savys-Tytan with a virtual personal consultant, enabling them to connect the dots throughout their business to extract meaningful insights and actions. The new product will allow businesses in the hospitality industry to use AI to analyze their data and make better business decisions.